Forecasting frigid windchill temperatures

NOW: Forecasting frigid windchill temperatures


We've talked about wind chill a couple of times this fall, but nothing like what we will experience here-on into the rest of winter. Tuesday, the wind gave the air a biting sensation, and while the wind is expected to die down over the rest of the week, it will still be present enough to make the freezing temperatures feel colder.

We use this chart to determine wind chill, which is actually based off a  scientific equation that includes multiple variables. Obviously this is easier to use at a glance. If the temperature is 0 degrees, and wind is 15 mph, then the wind chill is -19 degrees, and at this degree, frostbite is possible within 30 minutes.

This winter, as temperatures fluctuate, our weather team will let you know if frostbite will be possible in any way. Keep your eye out for this graphic this winter. If the square is blue, dress extra warm, and if there is a thermometer icon, frostbite may be possible.

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