Former cancer patient pays it forward with a generous donation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend cancer center is thanking a former patient for her generous donation.

She brought in nine wigs for women who were about to lose their hair.

The wigs cost between $250 to $700.

Riverbend Cancer Services said the donation goes a long way, not only financially, but it's very traumatic for cancer patients when their hair falls out.

"I never cried. I whaled! I mean I was whaling! It was the most traumatic part of cancer was losing hair so when someone comes in with a wig I feel like I know how they feel and I want to make sure it's a situation that I can help them handle," said Laura Ginter of Riverbend Cancer Services.

Riverbend also offers nutritional and exercise classes for cancer patients, as well as products like scarves, hats, and canes.

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