Former Chicago Mayor shows support for Pete Buttigieg

NOW: Former Chicago Mayor shows support for Pete Buttigieg

CHICAGO – One mayor from the Midwest believes Pete Buttigieg can still overcome the lead that Bernie Sanders holds.

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Buttigieg is qualified to be president in every way.

Emanuel believes that if Democrats fear that Sanders will lose to President Trump in November, they should unite themselves with Buttigieg.

"He has been fully qualified to actually have the skillset, the judgement and ability to fail, dust himself off and learn from it and apply that to the next challenge that he has to lead on. That to me is the thing that you want to see in a president,” Emanuel said.

Buttigieg reached out to supporters after the Nevada caucus, asking for help raising 13 million dollars before Super Tuesday on March 3.

The former South Bend Mayor believes that his campaign needs the funds to stay competitive and overcome the lead that Sanders has.

However, Emanuel believes Buttigieg can overcome this, as long as he manages to continue to prove himself.

“He’s gotten some very fundamental things done and done right. He’ll have to prove himself… Pete has proven himself. When he fails, he does wrong, he’s self-aware, learn from that and then apply it,” Emanuel said.

Rahm Emanuel is an ABC News contributor, and recently released a book titled ‘The Nation City - Why Mayors are Now Running the World.’

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