Former Irish coaches attend Irish Legends golf outing

BRIDGMAN, Ind. -- Hundreds of golfers gathered in Bridgman at the Lost Dunes Golf Course for the annual Irish Legends Charity Golf Outing. In attendance were former Notre Dame head coaches, Heisman winners and a few ESPN personalities.

The event raises money for the Lou Holtz Foundation, Kelly Cares and Ara Parseghian’s charity.

Two former Notre Dame football head coaches were there, along with current Head Coach Brian Kelly.

"It's just a unique opportunity to talk about being the head coach at Notre Dame and there's not a lot of guys that understand that. And today is an opportunity for us to share those conversations,” said Kelly.

College football has changed a little in the last 50 years.

"The game has changed a little bit in terms of TV and playoffs and things of that nature,” said Kelly.

But the traditions of Notre Dame have stayed the same.

"I started out with single wing, and then we went to the split T and then we went to the wishbone and then the veer and then I went to the west coast offense and now they're back to the single wing. So the football hasn't changed. People ask me what does this team need to win? They need to introduce blocking and tackling,” said former Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz.

There are plenty of opinions and a lot of experience.

"It's much more difficult to stay on top than it is to climb the mountain,” said former Notre Dame Head Coach Ara Parseghian.

Coach Kelly says it never gets old hearing from his fellow Irish coaches.

After golf, the group will have dinner and an auction to benefit the charities.

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