Former Saint Mary's janitor sentenced to 11.5 years for possession of child pornography

On Wednesday, 60-year-old Luis Morales, a former janitor at Saint Mary’s College was sentenced to eleven and a half years for possession of child pornography.

Morales will spend four and a half years at the Department of Corrections.

He will spend the remaining seven years on a suspended sentence which means he will be on probation.

A judge ordered Morales to register as a sex offender within 7 days of being released.

During the hearing, a witness spoke on Morales’ behalf.

The witness described himself as Morales’s friend since the first grade and called Morales a good guy who made poor choices.

Morales told the judge he prefers treatment and that prison will not help him at all.

Morales also said he was sorry he hurt Saint Mary’s and he “wasn’t this way” before he suffered a stroke.

Judge Elizabeth Hurley says the images of the victimized children are something you cannot unsee.

"In the images, real children are horribly victimized. All I had to do was read the charges and its something you cannot unsee, those things actually happening and you contributed. Those children are never not going to be victimized again," said Hurley, during the hearing. 

She called the charges against Morales, “not ordinary level 6 felonies.”

Deputy Prosecutor Eric Tamashasky called the judge’s decision a “fabulous sentence.”

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