Fort Wayne mom throws baby from burning house

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Sometimes the easiest way to escape a burning building is to jump out of a low window, but to be tossed out? Well, that's what one Fort Wayne mom did to save her baby from the flames.

Four people were inside the house at the time of the fire.

First, a man jumped from the second-story window. Then, witnesses said a woman dropped her 1-year-old infant to the man, in hopes he would catch the baby.

Next, one woman dove out the window, head first. One witness caught it all.

"There was a lady up top hanging like a 3- or 4-month-old child. They asked me to help. I called 911," said eyewitness Scott Baker.

All four people who escaped were taken to a nearby hospital. One was slightly hurt. Three others were in serious condition.

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