Four South Bend stores robbed at gun point in three days

South Bend Police reports show in just 36 hours, cashiers at four convenience stores in South Bend were held up by suspects with a gun.

A clerk who worked at one of the stores said they expect to see more shoplifters around this time of year, but never expected to have a gun pointed at their head.

Dollar General on Portage Avenue, 7-Eleven on Miami Street, OC Mini Mart on Olive Street and a convenience store on Bendix Drive were all hit between last Thursday and Saturday.

“If I were to walk in and something like that would happen, I honestly couldn't tell you what I would do,” South Bend resident James McCool said.

Police say an unidentified person robbed the OC Mini Mart around 8:40 p.m. last Saturday. The owner said it wasn't the first time someone entered the store with a gun and demanded cash.

McCool says he stops by the OC Mini Mart every day. 

“I'm not super shocked, I'm shocked that it happened so close to my home but the fact that it happened in South Bend is not that shocking, which is a sad thing in itself,” he said.

Just five minutes after OC Mini-Mart was hit. 

A convenience store on Bendix Drive, a few blocks away, was also robbed at gunpoint. 

The owner said his wife was behind the counter when a man with a gun came in and demanded cash while another guy guarded the door.

McCool's biggest concern is for the kids in the neighborhood.

“These stores aren't just for me, there's kids that go in these stores, if I had kids, I would want them to be safe just going to get some chips or something," said McCool.

Cashiers at 7-Eleven on Miami Street and Dollar General on Portage Avenue—were also held up at gunpoint.  The cashier at Dollar General says she is still having nightmares about it.

At this time, police are not saying if the incidents are connected. If you know anything, you can call South Bend Police.

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