Four-year-old girl dies after being shot with a pellet gun

RICHMOND, Va. --- The shooting death of a four-year-old Virginia girl is being called a tragic accident by police.

Police say she was hit and killed by a pellet gun Friday night.

The girl was set to attend preschool Monday according to the girl's grandmother.

"She came over on Thursday to show me her new tennis shoes that light up and she kept stomping and flipping and carrying on. I said 'Stop stomping baby girl because you're going to knock all of the lights off. And then, when you go to school you're not going to have anything to shine.' She said 'okay Grandma, you're crazy' and I said, 'You are, too.'" said Barbara Bradley.

Police say the girl was accidentally shot in the chest by another kid with a pellet rifle and later died in the hospital.

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