Fourth generation home damaged by Elkhart County tornado

NOW: Fourth generation home damaged by Elkhart County tornado


WAKARUSA, Ind. -- An Elkhart county home on County Road 44 near Wakarusa was damaged by one of two EF-1 tornadoes that hit the area Monday evening.  That home has been in the Weldy family for four generations.

“ We were expecting high winds in the storm coming through but we weren’t expecting an actual tornado.” Says Casey Weldy, he bought the house from his father three years ago. 


It’s stood strong since the mid 1800s, but after Monday night’s storms, the family isn’t so sure how much longer it’ll last, they may have to rebuild. 


“I was in the middle of it coming home and just in the vehicle itself you could feel it was most definitely a tornado.”  Says Weldy. 


The 100-plus mph wind gusts caused trees to come crashing down on the family property.

 What once towered over the land, now sitting in splinters, splayed out in the yard.


“ My wife said… when she was in the house she could feel the house shake, it hit hard” Says Weldy. 


The Weldy’s worry that their home could be a complete loss, but the loss of their precious family history, is what stings the most.


“1850 it’s been here ... there’s a long history here for the Weldy family and we’d like to keep that going. There’s not much of that in Elkhart county anymore. We’ve had quite a few storms come through here but nothing near … this bad ” Says Casey Weldy, the fourth generation homeowner. 

Despite the damage, the family says they’re just happy everyone is safe and okay.


“It’s a little piece of the history we may lose but at the same time everybody came out of the house safe. You can replace houses, barns, the buildings, you can’t replace your kids and your wife.” Says Weldy. 


There is roof and foundational damage to the home. The Weldy’s will be staying with family and they assess whether to repair or rebuild.

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