Fraternal Order of Police wants Mayor Buttigieg to recuse himself in police shooting case

Representatives with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #36 have called for Mayor Pete Buttigieg to recuse himself from any decisions in the investigation into the fatal shooting of Eric Logan by a South Bend Police officer.

“Mayor Buttigieg has repeatedly shown that he’s more concerned about boosting his own presidential political campaign than ensuring a fair investigation about an incident where a veteran police officer was forced to defend himself when a dangerous felon attacked him with an eight-inch hunting knife,” Harvey Mills, South Bend FOP President said in a press release. “On a national TV debate, the mayor called our entire police force racist while another candidate insisted that Buttigieg fire the police chief. Since this incident is now part of the accusations and political posturing of presidential politics, Mayor Buttigieg must do the right thing and recuse himself from any further decisions related to this matter.”

In addition, the FOP alleges the officer, Sergeant Ryan O'Neill, is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and costs associated with a lawsuit against him  so they started a GoFundMe account for Sgt. O'Neill.

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