Fred Upton running for re-election

NOW: Fred Upton running for re-election

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. --- Long-time Michigan Congressman, Fred Upton, announced he is running for another term in 2020.

Upton was elected to Congress in 1986 and is ready to jump back into the campaign race.

“There’s a lot of things on our plate,” said Upton. “The work’s not done, I look forward to being a part of that not only the rest of this year, but hopefully in the next Congress as well.”

The decision comes after a competitive race in 2018.

“We’ve done some polling, our numbers are good,” Upton said. “We have a lot of Republicans that traditionally sit off.”

Upton is confident that people are excited about the upcoming election and said there is still much work to be done in a divided Washington.

“We’re looking to introduce legislation next month…it’ll be bipartisan…we’re looking forward to trying to get it done, yet this year and get it to the President for his signature,” Upton said.

Some voters think it is time for a change, with some even sporting “Retire Upton” signs near his St. Joseph office.

“This is the, at least the second time I know of where he says he’s probably not going to run—then he’s running,” Durie Bennett said, who lives near St. Joseph. “We don’t know why that is, it’s time for him to retire.”

“I’ve known Fred Upton for many, many years now, I’ve always liked him and thought he was a good man and I still think that he probably is, but I don’t like his politics,” Gloria Weberg said, who lives in St. Joseph

However, others feel that Upton’s policies represent their views accurately and hope for someone who will tone down the angry rhetoric.

 “I want to rise above the hate—and Upton, I feel he does,” Chad Sinner said, who lives in Bridgman “Someone that’s actually willing to do something when they say they’re going to do it.”

Upton said they have a competitive election coming up and that the “Retire Upton” signs around town, funded by Democrats, show that they would rather have an open seat than to have him run again.

 “We have a number of advantages, we have a record of getting things done,” Upton said. “The polls are in our favor, they know that. They would rather have an open seat than one where I’m looking to run again, but that’s part of the political process.”

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