Free healthcare clinic opens in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- A free healthcare clinic opened on Saturday to serve the Westside community. Indiana University medical students are hoping it will be a valuable resource for the community as well as an important teaching tool.

Patrick Davis said, “We came into medicine because we wanted to make a difference in others lives and this is a way to do it sooner and it’s really impactful. So we are excited this is open.”

On Saturday morning the Navari Student Outreach Clinic opened from 8-12 and they hope to be open every other Saturday during the summer.

Luke Collins, a second year medical student said it’s great be out of the classroom and working with patients.

Saturday, the students diagnosed patients and then discussed their findings with more experienced doctors.

Students decided to name the clinic after Dr. Rudy Navari. As the Associate Dean of Indiana University's School of Medicine, Navari was thrilled when a handful of students came to him with the idea.

Dr. Navari said, “It’s very special. They had an idea, they started a project, they continued it for 18 months and now it’s come to fruition. It’s very gratifying to see students do this.”


Dr. Navari said he hopes citizens who live on the Westside of South Bend will benefit from free healthcare.

Dr. Navari said, “Providing this service, particularly to this patient population I think will really drastically alter their lifestyle in terms of their health as well as their emotional and psychological well being.”

These aspiring doctors said they are thankful for the hands-on experience.

Collins said, “There’s not a lot of chances for students to really interact with patients in a way that impacts their real medical landscapes. So this is really helpful. I think it’s something that will encourage students to enjoy this type of work.”

The clinic is located in the second floor of the Marycrest building and students hope to have the clinic open every Saturday next school year.

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