Freeby announces dismantling of WHME sports team, future Univision broadcast

NOW: Freeby announces dismantling of WHME sports team, future Univision broadcast

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Iconic South Bend sportscaster Chuck Freeby announced on the social media platform X (formally known as Twitter) today that WHME-TV is shutting down its sports department and will now be broadcasting Univision on TV46.

"Today's announcement by WHME-TV and Family Broadcasting that TV46 will now be broadcasting Univision unfortunately means the end of my tenure as Sports Director at TV46 and at Pulse FM," Freeby said in a video post to X. 

"I certainly have had the great privilege and blessing of being the voice of the High School Game of the Week for the last 20 seasons and I certainly want to express my appreciation to the company for having me, but also to the people I had the pleasure of working with on the air ... thank you, we had a blast together."

While the future of the station may already be decided, Freeby's future is much like that of a veteran athlete with plenty left in the tank, ready to begin again with a new team.

"Now many of you might be asking, 'what's next?' And that's a really good question," Freeby said. "I'm in the transfer portal now, I'm in free agency and I'm not sure what the next step will be, but hopefully it involves you and I, getting together somewhere in a living room or on a radio and enjoying a sports event together with me maybe calling it, and you maybe watching."

Freeby ended his video message by thanking his coworkers and fans.

"Thank you very much for your support over the years, I look forward to seeing you on down the road. Until then, so long from the Northwest side of South Bend."

 by Chuck Freeby Twitter

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