Front of the line for Black Friday deals

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- The turkey is thawing out, the potatoes are peeled, but you forgot a few last minute ingredients. The trouble is you're not alone.

"The day before Thanksgiving is definitely in the top three busiest days in the food business," said Rick Zeeff, Meijer store director.

Shoppers packed the aisles inside Meijer pushing their way to the pies and poultry. One grandfather embraced the crowds as he snuck some snacks into his cart.

"My wife has already been here and shopped," said Jim Goshert, shopper."But she never buys the good stuff for my grandkids like the cookies and chips and some dip and some crackers. She doesn't buy that for them, I always do."

And not everyone's grabbing groceries. Some people are skipping the turkey for some televisions.

"It's gonna be cold tonight so they're gonna need a nice warm sleeping bag and the hand and the feet warmers are always a good item," said Zeeff.

Don't forget a comfy chair, blankets, and maybe some camo if you don't want the wife to drive by and see you in line. Richie Nagy secured the first spot in Best Buy's Black Friday line and he's not bored yet.

"I got my cell phone, I got some books, I got a deck of cards, I got an iPod, and
my parents will probably be dropping off my girlfriend later," said Nagy.

So what are the hot ticket items according to a pre-teen?

"TV's, desktop computer, laptop, X-box, and the Playstation 3 and a bunch of games," said Kristina Richardson, shopper.

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