Frontier Communications CEO visits Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind.-- On Tuesday, one of the most powerful women in business paid a visit to the City of Elkhart.

Maggie Wilderotter is the CEO and Chairman of Frontier Communications, a telecommunications company located in Elkhart.

Wilderotter was recently named one of Fortune Magazine's 50 most powerful women in business for the fourth consecutive year. She was honored at the Lerner with a luncheon, before heading over to the RV Hall of Fame to present a $10,000 donation to the museum.
"We know for Elkhart, Ind. the RV industry is an important fabric of this community," said Wilderotter. "And at Frontier we believe in local engagement- in being involved and active in our communities and the areas that are important and the nuances of those communities. When we think about RVs, to me, it's not just a business; it's a lifestyle. We wanted to promote that lifestyle and keep alive the history of that lifestyle because it's so American in the United States."
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