Frozen fish fillets recalled from 365 Whole Foods Market

A recall has been issued for two types of 365 Whole Foods Market's frozen fish: beer-battered pollock and cod fillets.

Tampa Bay Fisheries Inc. in Dover, Fl. is recalling one lot of 365 Whole Foods Market Beer Battered Pollock Fillets and two lots of 365 Beer Battered Cod Fillet for an undeclared soy allergen, according to the Food and Drug Administration. 

The frozen fish fillets were sold nationwide between September 8 and December 22. 

Whole Foods say they have not received any reports of illnesses, but anyone with an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy runs the risk of having a serious allergic reaction.

Customer who've purchased this product should not eat it and should dispose it. 

They can bring a receipt back to Whole Foods for a full refund. 

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