Full Moon and an impossible sight!

Saturday, December 10 marks the full moon for the month of December.  This moon marked the longest and (sometimes) the coldest nights for the Native Americans, and it is so aptly named.

The Long Night Moon is especially a fitting name since it is a moon that hangs above the horizon for a very long time.  Since it is the month of the holiday season, it is also referred as the Moon before Yule.  (My thanks to the Farmer's Almanac for this information!) 

Here is a list of the nicknames for the moon this month:

Full Cold Moon

Full Oak Moon

Full "Before Yule" Moon

Long Nights Moon

Snow Moon

Christmas Moon

Bitter Moon

Peach Moon

Twelfth Moon

This month is also special since it offers a lunar eclipse!  This means that the moon with pass through the Earth's shadow.  Sadly, we are not in the best spot to see it.  But, some folks were able to see what is normally known as impossible...seeing the sun and eclipsed moon at the same time!  It has to do with our view of the horizon and the sun and moon being directly 180° apart.

Here is the link a more detailed article if you want to learn more!

And, here is a link to see video from ABC News of the eclipse earlier today!

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