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Fulton bus stop crash survivor remembers tragedy

NOW: Fulton bus stop crash survivor remembers tragedy

FULTON COUNTY, Ind. (CNN) — The 11-year-old survivor of the deadly October bus stop crash is home recovering from surgery.

Maverik Lowe was rushed to the hospital from the scene of the crash that killed his friends Alivia Stahl, Mason and Xzavier Ingle on October 30.

He spoke about the life-changing accident.

“I moved out in front of it and tried to push them out of the way,” Lowe said. “I just felt shock. I felt instantly frozen, and then I got knocked out.”

Lowe spent a month in the hospital, where he was treated for a punctured lung and broken arm, neck and back. He was home resting in time for Christmas.

Doctors are unsure if he will ever walk again.

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