Funds raised for deceased 7-Eleven employee stolen

Employees of the South Bend 7-Eleven located on Mayflower and Sample Street are devastated because a customer stole a collection jar in honor of a former employee Saturday night.

The man snatched the collection jar the same night as his funeral.

7-Eleven employees say a white male wearing a dark jacket and cargo shorts grabbed a charity jar filled with money.

The collection was for employee Karen Kucharski's late husband Tom, who passed away August 16.

The store set up a fund for Karen to help cover his funeral expenses.

Although Karen was devastated when she learned it was stolen, she is still thankful for everyone who donated.

“I’m so supported, I feel so supported, and overwhelmed," she said. "I didn’t realize there was that many people out there that knew him and cared enough to help us out.”

The store has since put out a new donation jar.

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