Furniture store donates to healthcare worker and single mother in need

NOW: Furniture store donates to healthcare worker and single mother in need


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- A Michiana mom and healthcare worker is kicking the new year off with a fresh start thanks to a local furniture store.

The single mother of three boys received a special donation from the local Mishawaka branch of Big Sandy furniture in honor of her resilience during the pandemic.

Pasta. That’s the first meal Nakeisha Caston wants to eat at her new dining room table. It’s one of several items she and her three boys received thanks to the Mishawaka branch.

“Big Sandy as a whole in all of their markets every store does this, but to give back you know within your community here and to see how locally you can affect someone in their journey it’s it’s just a great feeling," said Calvin Murmu, Store Manager at Big Sandy's in Mishawaka.

Caston who’s a client of community action agency Real Services has struggled as a single mother trying to provide for her kids.

The agency recognizing how hardworking she’s been — even overcoming a short period of homelessness — decided to partner with Big Sandy, nominating her for the surprise of a lifetime.

“It’s a working mom. Typical of our families. Working single mother who is looking to make a better way for herself. Sometimes you know get knocked back by life and we’re there to kind of keep her encouraged and keep her focused and moving forward," said Latonia Newhouse, Director of Community Services at Real Services.

Hoping to give them a fresh start the family received a mattress, dining room table, and full living room set for their new home.

A home Murmu says he’s grateful to have helped furnish and hopes to continue to do for those in need within his community.

“We did this same thing last year for another worthy family and you know we’re gonna continue to do it as we as big sandy is here in mishawaka we’ll continue to do it," said Murmu.

If you know someone who is in need you can nominate them beginning this fall for the next donation here.

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