Future of Niles park remains unclear

NOW: Future of Niles park remains unclear

NILES, Mich – The future of Island Park in Niles is currently in limbo.

“I grew up here in Niles and there has always been an island park and I think there always should be,” Niles resident Rich Moore said.

The neighborhood staple was severely damaged in the record flooding in 2018.

The city of Niles is debating three options for the future of the park.

Option 1: Completely renovate the park including repairing the bridge and the playground equipment

Option 2: Repair the bridge and clean-up the silt

Option 3: Do nothing and leave the park closed

Option one is estimated to cost approximately $250,000 to $300,000.

Option two is expected to cost approximately $150,000.

Both options would be funded through the city’s general fund.

Niles resident Rich Moore said he imagine Niles without Island Park.

I’ve taken my little brother there I took my children there and I’ve taken my grandchildren there, there should always be an Island Park,” Moore said.

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