Galien School Board decide to vote

GALIEN TOWNSHIP, Michigan --After over counting students, Galien School District was ordered to pay back almost a half a million dollars to the state of Michigan. 

And with the choice of your own school coming in June, Galien has been fighting to stay afloat.  They have been laying off teachers and selling off school buses so the big question.

It wasn't easy getting the answers Tuesday night. Even the school's superintendent was frustrated with the board's indecisiveness. 

After three hours of discussing all the options, I finally flat out asked the board when they will vote to close the school or not.  The unanimous decision is April 16th.

But some members of the board are still fighting to keep the school open in anyway possible. 

They are seriously considering housing a kindergarten through second grade program. 

The board plans to survey the community to see if they would send their children to Galien. 

They also plan on asking other school districts to bus their students and even talked about a possible alternative education program.


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