Gas for $0.09 a gallon caused a stir at 7-Eleven

OSCEOLA, Ind. - Gas for $0.09 a gallon really caused a stir Wednesday afternoon at the 7-Eleven on Ash Road at McKinley Highway.

"A buddy of mine called me, I was on my way home from work," Chad Birch said.

Birch turned around and drove right to the 7-Eleven where he found the cheap gas.

It was just one pump, Pump 10 on the mid-grade level. While Birch filled up several cars and even gas jugs full of the mid-grade gas others at the station were paying nearly $4 a gallon.

"I didn't know if it was some kind of promotion they are running or what. but I'm gonna fill up," Birch said while filling up several plastic jugs.

Birch scored 14 gallons of gas for $1.45 on his third trip to the gas station.

"I mean 14 gallons for $1.45 you can't beat that," Birch said.

He called his sister, fiancée and friends to tell them about the cheap gas.

The owner told ABC 57 News that there was environmental testing earlier in the day that likely lead to the mistake.

The testing ended around 1:30 p.m. The gas was still selling at $0.09 a gallon by 5:30 p.m. During the five hours it's not clear how many cars came through or how much money was lost.

The pump was marked as out-of-service just before 6 p.m.

The two women working at the time told ABC 57 News that they were disappointed no one came in during all those hours to let them know about their mistake.

With gas going for nearly $4.00 a gallon, those who filled up today for $0.09 said they didn't feel guilty they actually consider themselves lucky.

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