Gas leak causes a stink

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Construction crews nicked a gas pipe on Monday at the intersection of Yoder and St. Joseph Streets. The gas leak interrupted service to a handful of customers, stinking up the area and a game of basketball.

"It’s kind of like rotten eggs mixed with a little bit of gas, a little bit of sewer in there maybe," said Dan Thompson.

His friend Josh Marshall had his own unique take.

"A badly cooked meal by one of my family relatives," said Marshall.

Both were play some basketball about two blocks from the leak when they got a whiff of the problem.

"I was wondering what it was then I saw trucks coming by and my friends said it was probably a gas leak or something," said Thompson.

NIPSCO said a third party construction crew was installing a new electric pipe when they hit the pipe and said 15 customers were affected.

Traffic wasn't allowed through the area in for a couple blocks radius of the leak.

For some just in the line of the wind, it still interrupted their day.

"It messed up my jump shot a little bit," said Thompson.










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