Ghost or glitch? Ghostly figure captured on camera

NOW: Ghost or glitch? Ghostly figure captured on camera

CLOVIS, N.M. (CNN) -- A family's dinner was interrupted Tuesday night by an unexpected guest - one they don't think is of this world.

"As soon as I saw it, my hair stood up. Cause it was, I've never seen anything like that before," Breanna Hernandez said.

The Hernandez family saw something they couldn't explain on their home security system while eating dinner.

"My husband happened to look over right when the image came up. And I originally didn't see it. My husband did and he was like, was that a person? And then started saying no, no, no that couldn't have been, and we ran over," Hernandez said.

It looks like a person, in another-worldly form.

They believe it's a ghost.

"This one is definitely brighter. You can see it 100 percent and you can see the movement of either arms or legs going with the body as it goes by," Hernandez said.

They say their house has some history.

Before moving in, Hernandez spoke to a man who was very familiar with the property.

"He said that several years ago, I believe it was his uncle had a house on this corner lot and his uncle passed away," Hernandez said.

They claim the home was vacant, then was torn down to build the new duplexes.

Hernandez says she wasn't a firm believer before, but now things have changed.

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