Giant tree falls and causes car to crash into home

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Heavy rainfall in Mishawaka caused a tree to fall down on Jefferson Road.

A lady driving told neighbors she saw the tree about to fall on her, tried to dodge it, and ended up in someone's garage.

According to neighbors the tree clipped the lady's Jeep as she drove by, and then she crashed into Norma Hedman's garage.

Norma Hedman said, “Sounded like a darn earthquake the way the house shook. I run out, get to the back door, can’t get out and there’s an SUV in the garage!”

Hedman said she thought she just heard thunder at first.

Hedman said, “It scared me! I mean I go out my kitchen door and try to get into my garage and there’s an SUV sitting in there!”

She said the lady had to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

“Well she said the tree hit her car and then she swerved, came over the retaining wall, and into my garage” Hedman said.

In a matter of minutes crews had the tree and car removed.

The tree removal supervisor said he doesn't know if wind or lightning brought the tree down.

Johnnie McCarey said, “I’m assuming that the wind took the tree down. It was very old so it didn’t take much to blow it down. Safety is our first priority when we come out here. First we look for down powerlines, and make sure our guys are safe.”

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