Gold coin found in Salvation Army kettle

A bell ringer with the Salvation Army found a gold coin wrapped inside a $100 bill in a kettle this week.

Over the past few years someone has placed a gold coin in one of the kettles in Mishawaka.

Each year it comes with a message.

Last year it read, "The greatest peace we can have is with God through his son."

But this year the message was more timely.

The note said, "A nation cannot kill its way to peace."

"Every year the person who puts the gold coin in sends a message along and the message was something like 'A nation can't kill its way to peace' so obviously at this time of year we want to bring peace to people through God and that there's hope in doing that. Hope in bringing peace and that peace can be got certainly through our family resource center," said Karl Blessing with the Salvation Army.

The coin was minted in South Africa and is worth about $1200.

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