Golden Corral coming to Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – It’s official. Golden Corral is coming to Mishawaka.  

The Mishawaka Common Council voted unanimously Monday night to annex the land on the southeast corner of Main Street and Douglas Road for the new restaurant.

"The Golden Corral is a nice new addition," said City Planner Ken Prince.

Prince was excited for the yes vote for the annexation of this land for a new Golden Corral. He said when the U.S. fell into recession, Mishawaka took a hard hit.

"If you look in the past few years we haven't had a new free standing restaurant in a number of years," said Prince.

Prince said this Golden Corral is just one of the many new developments in Mishawaka in the past year.

"Obviously with Cheddar’s being constructed, Golden Corral, Panda Express as well as other existing spaces are getting filled like Noodles and Company," said Prince.

Prince said the growth of retail and restaurants in Mishawaka this past year prove the local economy is taking a turn for the better.

"I think as the economy starts to turn people have renewed interest in construction," said Prince.

Common Council President John Roggeman shares Prince's enthusiasm for the new restaurant isn't surprised there wasn't any opposition at the meeting Monday night.

"To me it was a no-brainer almost,” said Roggeman. ”If a company wants to come in and improve our land, we are going to get increased property taxes from that land. You know it's a good decision all the way around.”

Roggeman has faith Mishawaka can support more restaurants and he isn't worried about previous establishments that have failed.

"We feel that the market is justified that we can support these additional businesses and the ones that fail there is always another one to replace it,” said Roggeman.

Roggeman is more excited for the employment opportunities the Golden Corral will bring than how good the food will taste. He said the restaurant will bring in around 50 jobs depending on how busy the restaurant gets.

"For one it will bring some jobs, which are always helpful in this economy.”

A ground breaking ceremony for the Gold Corral is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17. 





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