Good Samaritan group asks for donations to deliver to the needy

NOW: Good Samaritan group asks for donations to deliver to the needy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — With the support of one Facebook group, help is as easy as a click of a post.

“The Wolves of Liberation” recruits volunteers to pick up and bring any nonperishable groceries and supplies to needy homes across Michiana.

The group says as long as you are healthy and can wear personal protective gear, they want your help.

“Right now what we’re currently trying to do is provide aid and relief to everybody that’s financially affected by not only the virus, but the panic and precautions taken by the government to combat the spread of it,” group founder Wayne Hubbard said.

Hundreds of pounds of personal products, food, and pet supplies is collected from everyday Facebook users.

“Donating is a very easy thing to do,” Hubbard said.
“When you join the group all you have to do is message the page .”

It’s become a second job to this team of millennials, some of whom joined just out of a single act of kindness.

“I had stuff to give away for free for people in need,” volunteer Brandi Kucinskas said.
“And now it has turned into a group to help people during COVID-19 so that they have items if they lost their job or are low income or can’t find it at the stores. We make sure they get the items they need.”

The group picks up and delivers donations five days a week, but doesn’t ask for any money.

You can get in touch with any donations or request for help on their Facebook page.

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