GOP statement on Hillary Clinton's visit

Roy Saenz of the St. Joseph County Republican Party released a statement about Hillary Clinton's visit to Mishawaka.

This election is an important campaign for all Americans. We anticipate visits from all the presidential candidates. And we welcome them with open arms. It is important that all voters do their research and participate in the election process. We know that Hillary's been here before which does not surprise us to see her here again. However we saw that worked out for her last time.

We have already been fortunate enough to have Rafael Cruz, Senator Cruz's father visit the area yesterday. We feel that this is an exciting next week and a half for Hoosiers. But it is also important for all Hoosiers in all voters across America to realize that there are also other primary races that impact their communities.

We anticipate turnout for this primary to be higher and will continue to be excited as the races will continue into the fall.

The Economy will continue to be a topic of much discussion in the upcoming months. Manufacturing is important to Michiana. We stand by a free market concept which is in direct conflict with socialism. It is also important for people to understand that social responsibility is independent of economics.

As Republicans we believe that sometimes people need a helping hand up not another handout. The country has seen that Obama care is not free, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

However, America being the greatest country on the planet, this is A place due to freedom, where one has an opportunity to change their station in life. We hope that all Americans and Hoosiers will come out and vote so that their voice can be heard.

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