Goshen Brewing Company deals with seeping water from flooding

NOW: Goshen Brewing Company deals with seeping water from flooding

GOSHEN, Ind.- Rising water levels are forcing businesses across our area to shut down. The Goshen Brewing Company on Washington Street closed to keep employees and customers safe.

Facility manager, Viki Garber, took ABC57 inside to check out their conditions.

“We said don’t come in if you can’t get in,” says Garber. “Don’t take any chances.”

Garber says closing the business is the least of their concerns. “We’ll be okay; you have to do what you have to do to keep your employees and your customers safe.”

The bigger problem is the water getting closer and closer to the building.

“Yesterday we noticed it just started to come into the parking lot, 10 a.m.,” says Garber. “This morning there’s only one row left but you can’t even get to them.”

Garber walked ABC57 through the employee entrance… “Watch your step; we’ve had to move a lot of things so they wouldn’t get wet.”

…where water was already making its way in, “Since this is a 3000 year old building there’s a lot of water already seeping through the floor.”

Garber says preparation and patience is the only thing that really helps in situations like these. “This is one place where they’re pumping water out, and also out of that opening there.”

One can only be so prepared and Garber hopes this is the worst to come. “As long as these keep going and we don’t have more water than this, we’re going to be fine.”

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