Goshen business catches fire

Just after midnight on Monday, flames engulfed Martin Animal Bedding on County Road 17.

According to the Elkhart Township Fire Department, the recent rain surplus in Michiana caused moisture and ultimately heat, to build up inside the business.

“Internal combustion happens whenever you get moisture and animal bedding sometimes it does combustion in the inside to have fire internally so were digging that section to bring it all the way back to use the ladder company to be able to put that fire out and move the rest of the animal bedding out into this pile you see right here to be able to keep wet down,” said Michael Pennington, Elkhart Township Assistant Chief.

With the help of pay loaders, fire crews moved piles of sawdust and animal bedding out of the structure to limit more damage.

No one was hurt.

Neighbors say this business caught fire in 2013 on County Road 36.

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