Goshen College hosts Instant Admit Day

NOW: Goshen College hosts Instant Admit Day


GOSHEN, Ind.—High School students and others looking to attend college were able to get an immediate admissions decision on Saturday at the Welcoming Center of Goshen College.

College hopefuls brought their unofficial transcript and a completed application to receive an admission decision and up to $16,000 worth of guaranteed scholarships.

"It is very unique, the students are excited because they don't have to navigate the normal process of sending papers and waiting for the process,” said Adirana Ortiz, Associate Admissions Director.

"I think it's great to have those options of knowing, okay this might be an opportunity and discovering different things that you didn't know were there,” said Karina Palos, Admissions Councilor.

Those interested who were unable to attend the event can still participate by sending their complete application and unofficial transcripts to [email protected] by midnight of March 30th.

Applicants will receive a response within 24 hours.

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