Goshen College students demand inclusive and diverse campus

NOW: Goshen College students demand inclusive and diverse campus


GOSHEN, Ind.- Goshen College students, demanding action for classmates of color, have a list of demands for administrators. Students say more has to be done when it comes to inclusion and diversity on campus.

President Rebecca Stoltzfus joined the students acknowledging this plea, “I’m very impressed and inspired by these students,” she says. “I’m also sober about the work that we have to do.”

Issues addressed Wednesday morning come from anonymous instances of racism.

“All the white kids do well on their work,” reads one student. “My professor couldn’t believe that I, a black kid, could possibly know what I was talking about in my history class.”

Anonymous stories also touched on times when Goshen College students felt hopeless.

“I considered saying something to them, but at the moment I was emotionally distraught,” reads another student.

Students tell me they were tired of the promises of diversity and inclusion, so they decided to take things into their own hands.

“We saw that there was no adequate spaces and resources for people of color,” says Achieng Agutu, a senior.

“Seeing the students come out, I’m really hopeful and looking forward to the changes that are going to happen,” says Alia Byrd, a third year student.

The Intercultural Coalition of Goshen College along with other groups brought this to life.

“We’re hoping this could be something for the Goshen community to get involved and for us to be united,” says Katja Norton, a first year.

With a peaceful walk, they hope everyone will stand with Goshen and improve things already in the books.

“Campus will implement anti-racism training to the identity culture and community curriculum,” says Jose Chiquito, a second year student.

“It’s a beautiful day and historical and monumental moment for Goshen College,” says Dr. Jason Mitchell, an academic counselor.

President Stoltzfus says the next step is to go through these requests and start prepping for the town hall meeting set to happen April 11.

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