Goshen community gathers for March For Our Lives

NOW: Goshen community gathers for March For Our Lives

Goshen, Ind -- Goshen was one of many cities that had a march for our lives march to support new gun control legislation.

People marched from goshen high school to the elkhart county courthouse.

The march for our lives movement began after 17- students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month

Northwood high school student grace seals says she wants to see change

I don't want to be scared to go to School. I don't want to walk into school everyday and think, Oh is today the day I'm going to get shot, is today the day that someone is going to come in and shoot my teachers and my friends” says Grace Seals of Northwood High School in Wakarusa Indiana

Politicians Mel Hall and Pat Hackett, whom are both running for congress joined the march and said they would like to see new gun laws passed.

Retired teacher Keenan Wenger says agreed with many at the march and says he also wants to see change

understand the second amendment -- when it was written they were talking about Muskets and in my opinion no one needs a weapon where they can kill multiple people in a minutes worth of time that's just ridiculous” says retired High School teacher Keenan Wegner.

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