Goshen High School student arrested after alleged threat

A Goshen High School student has been arrested for allegedly making threats directed towards the entire school in a text message to another student, according to Goshen Police.

The Goshen Police School Resource officer working at the high school was notified by the assistant principal that a student received a threat from another student via text message.

The alleged threat suggested the student would harm others with a firearm and not just the recipient of the message, according to police.

The School Resource Officer and school officials met with the student. The SRO searched the suspect, his belongings and his locker but did not locate a weapon.

Police say because of the severity of the threat and the history of the suspect, the student will be held at the Elkhart County Juvenile Detention center until his emergency hearing on December 17.

The student was arrested on a charge of intimidation.

The student has been suspended pending an expulsion hearing.

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