Goshen High School students 'Stop the Bieber' for a good cause

GOSHEN, Ind. -- No more Bieber fever!

Goshen High School students got to walk the halls in peace on Monday.

The freshmen class held a fundraiser last week, called "Stop The Bieber.”

Justin Beiber's hit song "Baby" played between every class!

Students were encouraged to donate money so teachers would stop playing the song!

The goal was to raise $1,000.

"At first it was kind of cool. I mean, I’m not, like, not a fan of Justin Bieber. It was nice having music in the halls, but after awhile, it was just really annoying!" said Andrea Yater, student at Goshen High School.

"God, annoying! How irritating! How I wish it to stop!” Juliana Vazquez, another student at Goshen High School.

The freshman class raised just under the students’ goal. $700 now goes to local non-profit.

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