Goshen homeless relocation protests begins today

NOW: Goshen homeless relocation protests begins today

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Sunday, homeless advocacy groups and community members are walking alongside the homeless in Goshen to protest the planned eviction of homeless residents.

This is the first planned rally of many to Push the city of Goshen to assist the homeless rather than just forcing them to move.

The move was supposed to happen Memorial Day, May 27th but the city decided to push that back to June 3rd so they could enjoy the holiday.

The city also plans on providing them with bus transportation from Elkhart to Goshen, but giving the homeless an extra week and a bus route is not what they want.

The homless want long-term housing solutions.

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It’s uprooting where we’re at and its going to hurt a lot of people. Its going to hurt us for trying to find another place to live and then trying to make it back and forth to work. Busing us isn’t going to help and its not going to solve the problem one bit," said Robin Smith.

She is one of many homeless living along the Millrace in Goshen. 

The peaceful protest is set to start at 12 o’clock Sunday afternoon.

They will meet at the Powerhouse Park 30 minutes prior, then heading over to Third Street in Downtown Goshen to make their voices heard.

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