Goshen man attack and robbed at gun point outside his home

GOSHEN, Ind. --  A Goshen man was attack and robbed at gun point by four men outside his home on Brookside manor early Saturday morning.

That is just six miles from the home where Professor James Miller was murdered and his wife was badly injured during a home invasion six days ago.

With the Miller murder suspect still on the loose, this latest armed robbery has the whole Goshen community on edge.

Goshen police say the Miller murder investigation has no ties with what happened this morning, which means the suspect in the murder is still out there.

What T.J. thought was a nice gesture, was nothing but nice.

T.J. had been at Mckee's Irish Pub in Elkhart Friday night when he had a few too many to drink. A group of guys offered to take him home, but little did he know what was about to happen next.

"Ya know they ended up pulling a fast move," says T.J.


Once they pulled up in front of the house where T.J. lives, he says one of the guys jumped out of the car and punched him in the face, giving him a black eye. Seconds later, another man emerged from the car with a gun drawn, demanding his wallet.



"I figured I was just smart by obliging them because that dude would have pulled the trigger."


Moments later the four men were gone, taking off with his jacket, his wallet and $90 in cash. Tonight his friends and family are calling him lucky.



"They could have just shot him and left him for dead in front of my house," says Angela Bolinger.


Angela Bolinger says she was shocked when she found out what had happened outside her house and immediately wondered if the attack was related to the murder of a Goshen Professor James Miller just days ago.



"Was there a connection? That was one of the first things I thought," says Bolinger.


Police says the two attacks are not related. In fact, just minutes after T.J. was robbed police arrested 22-year-old Robert Haas, 22-year-old Mikell Gary, 25-year-old Marcus Gates and 24-year-old Matthew Donnelly.


Tonight T.J. and his loved ones are just happy no one was hurt and say they have peace of mind knowing the attackers are behind bars.


"I am just glad they caught the guys and I just hope they catch the professor's murderer as well," says Bolinger.

All four men are convicted felons and were arrested for robbery with a deadly weapon, as well as possession of a firearm by a convict felon.


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