Goshen mayor lifts Declaration of Emergency

GOSHEN, Ind. – Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman has lifted the Declaration of Emergency for the City of Goshen effective immediately.

Water throughout the city is progressively receding and only two roads are closed as of Saturday afternoon.

In the mayors statement he extended his gratitude to all citizens and outside help who have assisted during the initial emergency.

The mayor also went on to address the next obstacles facing the city post crisis.

Mayor Stutsman said he will soon appoint a “Recovery Team” to coordinate and organize a recovery process the likes of which the City of Elkhart can use to communicate with the Elkhart County Communities surrounding it. The mayors group would meet daily to ensure maximizing of efficiency.

In his statement Mayor Stutsman listed critical information that the public needed to know moving forward.

-   The Mayor will be taking the City’s dial-a-trailers and placing them in areas heavily affected by flooding. The trailers will be for residents and any waste that has been damaged by flood waters.

-   The city will allow affected residents to place tangible damaged property such as furniture or carpeting next to the cub for the Street Department to collect. The city asks that residents be patient.

-   Maple City Chapel is organizing all City of Goshen volunteering efforts and asks that anyone wanting to volunteer call 574-533-0327.

-   The City of Goshen is waiving all building permit fees for flood damaged structure but is reminding contractors and people looking to repair pull permits.

-   The Elkhart County Highway has been inspected and cleared flood damage free.

Mayor Stutsman closed his statement saying, “We are so grateful to everyone who is offering to help. Please keep in your thoughts other communities who are experiencing negative effects from this flood as well. We have many people in need and I know this community will come together, as we always do, to fill this need.”

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