Goshen mom admits to lying to police about daughter's death

Goshen, IN – Investigators said that a Goshen mother lied about the death of her little daughter and Thursday she admitted to it.

Mande Turner-Berger and her boyfriend, Daniel Pennington made up a story to tell police about the death of little Mariah Gibson, 18-months.

Turner-Berger and Pennington told investigators that Gibson died in a hit in run accident in May.

It was later discovered that Gibson fell out of Pennington's truck and that he accidently ran her over.

Turner-Berger and Pennington are both charged with neglect and obstruction of justice.

Turner-Berger accepted a plea deal Thursday, she will be sentenced September 8th— she is facing up to five years in prison.

Pennington is set to go to trail November 7th.

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