Goshen mom speaks out about racial slurs directed toward her son

NOW: Goshen mom speaks out about racial slurs directed toward her son

GOSHEN, Ind.- A freshman at a high school in Goshen is allegedly being targeted with racial slurs. The mother of that victim now explaining what happened the night they received this video and just how they are coping with the aftermath on social media.

Captain James Bradberry with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department says since the incident did not occur on school ground and it's too early in the investigation, they aren't sure if it'll be handed over to the prosecutor's office.

The power of social media can be crucial in solving some situations or it can be detrimental.
In this case this mother, Jennifer Jacobs, says it was nothing less than detrimental.

“You can see them burning his hat. The one kid said f-u and then the other one, said f and then the n-word,” says Jacobs. “It’s 2017 racism should be out the door.”

A week ago Kaden Jacobs, a freshman at Fairfield High school reviewed a video by his former friends while on fall break.

“He knows I am tough, at least I try to be. He’s a good kid,” adds Jacobs.

It has been a long week trying to keep up with negative comments. “Has called him a weak crybaby, we don’t allow your kind here,” Jacobs reads. “Get over it and move back to where you belong.”

ABC57 News contacted the superintendent of Fairfield High and in a statement he says criminal matters are being investigated, administration has been in contact with this mother and they have limited power to address off-campus and social media conduct while students are on break.

According to Jacobs there’s one thing the school has done, but the problem keeps growing.

“Make them sit with their parents and watch the video,” says Jacobs. “There have been other kids that have said ‘Hey, the one kid wants to fight you. He wants to beat you up.’”

Kaden has already made it clear; he will not fight and risk suspension. “I just really don't want to be a part of it, in school I’ll get suspended,” he says.

Jacobs says no adult or child should have to go through this. And after hearing what her son has planned for the future, she wants to make sure everyone knows.

“He said, when I graduate, I want to join the Marines and be a sniper. I hope you don’t have the same respect for him, pause crying, while he’s out serving his country serving your racist disrespectful selves. It isn’t about him it’s about what this country has come to.”

Jacobs says she responded to those negative comments and is willing to have a conversation about it.

Right now the only person she is waiting on for a response is the VP of the school board.

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