Goshen PD employee running Chicago marathon for her father

NOW: Goshen PD employee running Chicago marathon for her father

GOSHEN, Ind.-For some, running a marathon is a great workout. But for others, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness. One Goshen police department employee is gearing up to run Sunday’s 40th annual Chicago marathon.

Polly Hoover, an office assistant at the department, will be running her second 26-mile race to support her father.

Paul Hoover was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia about 4 years ago.

When he began seeking treatment, the medication hadn’t been in existence for 5 years.

“I try to raise money so that other people can have cures and get medicine so that they aren’t in a situation where there is no treatment,” Hoover said.

Polly joined “Team in Training”, an organization that raises awareness and money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The year Paul was diagnosed, he retired on a Monday. The next day, he had a physical. Finally, by Wednesday of that week, he was in the hospital when he got the news. 

Polly Hoover and her father, Paul. Polly Hoover

Fast forward to today, he is now in molecular remission, which means the medicine controls the cancer to a point where he can’t see it in his blood.

“I’m pretty proud of her for going out and raising money,” Hoover said. “I feel very fortunate, not that I have the disease, but that I have the kind that I’ve got because there is medication available,” Hoover said.

Polly hopes to run fifty half marathons. Her next half will be in Alaska next year.

You can help Polly in her fundraising and racing efforts by clicking HERE.

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