Goshen Police looking for suspects after bullet flies through 3 year old's room

NOW: Goshen Police looking for suspects after bullet flies through 3 year old’s room

GOSHEN, Ind.--- Goshen Police are looking for suspects after a bullet flew through a 3 year old's window early Sunday morning on Windsor Lane at the Twin Pines mobile home community. The toddler wasn't hit by gunfire, but was left with a cut on his foot from broken glass.

"I woke up to glass shattering," said Brayanna Hanson, the boy's mother. "I was really hoping it wasn’t anything serious but I flew out of my bed because it scared me so much."

Detectives told Hanson that the bullets entered through a window outside the boy's room before hitting a wall above his bed and resting in a hallway. 

"The bullet could have hit him, thankfully he was sleeping," said Hanson. "I want this everywhere because I want them to know that they almost killed my son."

Bullets not only hit the Hanson home, but her car, and two neighbors' houses as well. 

"It had been stopped and put a dent into my and then ricocheted still in my car and is stuck in my car now," said Hanson. "All I could think was, 'Can we feel safe in our own home?"

Goshen Police have not given out any suspect information at this time.

"Even if this was an accident, even if this was on purpose, even if this was a missed whatever, maybe they weren’t aiming for me, but they got me,"  said Hanson.

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