Goshen receives award for contributions in volunteerism in 2023

GOSHEN, Ind. - Mayor Gina Leichty presented the Government Entity Volunteerism award to the city's Department of Environmental Resilience.

On Wednesday, November 15, Mayor Gina Leichty received the award on behalf of the City of Goshen from the 2023 Serve Indiana Awards for Excellence, awarded due to the city's contributions of time and talent for "demonstrating an ongoing community impact through volunteerism or philanthropy."

A press release from the City of Goshen said a large factor in being nominated for and receiving the award is Goshen's partnership between the city's Department of Environmental Resilience, the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG), and the AmeriCorps Program

In 2022, the city has hosted two AmeriCorp members, Shae Dirks and Acadia Imhof, who in exchange for serving the community for a year received a modest living allowance, healthcare and an education award. 

James Turnwald, MACOG Executive Director, recognized the city for providing meaningful projects where AmeriCorp members' contributions are valued, and they can gain practical experience. 

"For members that are just starting their career or ready for a change, this experience exposes our members to a variety of potential career paths and sets them up for success in higher education or future employment,” Turnwald said in a statement.

This year, the city will host three full time and two part time AmeriCorp members. 

On Friday, December 1, Mayor Leichty presented the award to Goshen's Department of Environmental Resilience. 

“I want to thank the Department of Environmental Resilience and all of our AmeriCorps volunteers, past and present, for pushing Goshen forward and modeling the impact of volunteerism,” said Mayor Leichty. 

The Department of Environmental Resilience works protect the community's public health, safety and general welfare and also promote economic growth by planting, maintenance and removal of trees.

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