Goshen residents frustrated about new construction next door

NOW: Goshen residents frustrated about new construction next door


GOSHEN, Ind. -- A new housing project causing problems for people already living in Goshen.

They're now turning to the mayor for help.

Those living near a new housing development say the project is cutting into their comfort.

Citizens at College Green condominiums are upset  about the new "Park 33 Project."

Residents at the College Green condominiums have four major concerns, including the retention pond, a fence to help with noise impact and with animal intrusion, and lighting.

"I'm in the cess pool of the whole project," said Dr. Marc Royer, who lives at the College Green Commons in Goshen.

Earlier this month he and 53 others sent the mayor a signed petition asking to address problems they say come directly from the construction at Park 33.

Like the storm water pond that sits in between Dr. Royer's house and the Park 33 project.

"This drainage pond, according to the city, which they say is according to [the developer's] plans is supposed to be dry within 36 hours," said Dr. Royer. "But they mis-constructed it." 

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman, however, says the city of Goshen can't do much until the project at Park 33 is completed.

"We don't have any enforcement capability until the end of the project when they get all that finished up," said Mayor Stutsman. "And so, the storm water system will be evaluated. If it's not working, they'll have to change it before the city will release for full occupancy."

Dr. Royer says he and others want the developer of Park 33, Emmert Group, to address some of the issues.

"We need to require the developer to do a fence that protects College Green area from the light, and the noise, and the general disruption, the trespassing, the general disruption that's going to happen in our lives, and also the lighting area," said Dr. Royer.

But the mayor says this may be hard to mandate from the developers.

"We've got no way, at the city level now, to mandate that fence, because project has been approved," said Mayor Stutsman. "It's moved forward, it has never been brought up in the past, to my knowledge."

Dr. Royer feels that he and his neighbors didn't really have a voice until they sent the petition letter.

"This isn't about me, right, this is about this retaining pond and 54 people that don't have a voice," said Dr. Royer.

Mayor Stutsman assured ABC 57 News he's doing everything he can to meet with these concerned citizens.

"The neighbors have brought in a petition to demand a meeting with me and city staff. When they actually brought that petition in, we let the person know that dropped it off that they didn't have to go to that extent," said Mayor Stutsman. "They just needed to call, [I'm] more than happy to meet with them."

Mayor Stutsman is scheduled to come to a coffee gathering at the College Green Commons clubhouse to talk to residents about their concerns.

He says that his administration has an open door policy and he's willing to meet with any resident, but that sometimes, those meetings take time to set up.

ABC 57 news reached out to the developer, Emmert Group, but received no response from them by air time.

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