Goshen woman's cats fed by burglar

GOSHEN, Ind.-- A Goshen woman noticed her door had been kicked in, and her home burglarized. But nothing of great value was taken, in fact, whoever broke in, fed her cats.

“Very unsettling, knowing that they were in this house,” said Victoria Easley. “I don’t like it at all. It makes my skin crawl.”

Easley bought her Broadmore Estate home in Goshen roughly six weeks ago.

“Start our life here in a nice neighborhood that’s quiet, where my kids can just run and have friends and be free. That’s why I picked this house,” she said.

Monday evening, she came home to continue fixing the place up, since they haven’t moved in yet, and said she noticed her trash cans had been emptied throughout her kitchen and bedroom.

“My kitchen was just trashed,” she said. “And I didn’t understand why, I thought maybe my cats had gotten into the trash can.”

But then, she saw cat food and kitty litter, that she didn’t purchase.

“I looked over and I just seen that my deadbolt was kicked in,” Easley said.

Her door was kicked in. Her cleaning supplies, stolen, as well as her bathroom mirrors, some paint, and an end table. Plus, her shower heads were nowhere to be found.

“So nothing of value was taken, it was just random things throughout the home,” she said. “And what was just odd to me was that they just changed my cat litter and fed my cats while they were in here.”

She reported the burglary to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office and said she’s now in the process of changing the locks, adding more locks, and getting a doorbell and security cameras.

But the whole situation still leaves her incredibly unsettled.

“My seven-year-old was so excited to have her own room. And now she doesn’t even want to come here, because she’s afraid that person is going to do it again,” Easley said. “I just feel not scared, but cringey in my house. My skin crawls every time I’m in that house now. I just don’t like it.”

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