Gov. Snyder announces propane shortage assistance

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced the state is working to help residents who have been affected by the ongoing propane shortage.

Snyder said many different state departments will be taking steps to help residents with heating and financial assistance.

In addition to $7 million already devoted to heating assistance from the Michigan Energy Assistance Program, the Department of Human Services is working with legislature to dedicate another $7 million with the Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program.

Michigan residents in need of heating assistance are asked to call 211 or visit for help.

Other departments are working to ease supply chain issues to meet the high propane demand during this winter season.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is instituting a loan program to assist propane dealers and distributors who are struggling to meet demand.

Those who are interested in the MEDC's program should call 1-888-522-0103 or visit

In addition to offering assistance, state administration is also putting effort towards increasing supply. This week, more than 1.3 million gallons of propane have been delivered to the state.

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