Gov. Whitmer extends stay at home order, lifts some restrictions

NOW: Gov. Whitmer extends stay at home order, lifts some restrictions

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a new executive order that extends the stay at home order until May 15, requires people to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces and lifts restrictions on outdoor activities which will also allow some people to get back to work.

“Data shows that most Michiganders are doing their part by staying home and staying safe. That’s good, but we must keep it up. Social distancing is our best weapon to defeat this enemy,” said Governor Whitmer. “With new COVID-19 cases leveling off, however, we are lifting some of the restrictions put in place in the previous order. I want to be crystal clear: the overarching message today is still the same. We must all do our part by staying home and staying safe as much as possible.”

“The numbers we’ve seen in the past week have shown a plateau in positive cases, but Michiganders must continue doing their part to fight this virus and protect their families,” said MDHHS Chief Deputy for Health and Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun. “The governor has taken a number of critical steps to protect Michigan families, and this order today will allow that work to continue. We will keep monitoring the data closely and work with our partners across state government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

Residents must wear a homemade, non-medical grade face coverings when entering enclosed public spaces. The new order requires employers to provide cloth coverings for employees.

No one will face a criminal penalty for going without a mask.

The new order also allows landscapers, lawn-service companies, and nurseries to return to work, subject to strict social distancing.

Retailers to that do not sell necessary supplies may reopen for curbside pick-up and for delivery.

Big box stores can reopen “closed areas,” like garden centers.

And bike repair and maintenance can come back online.

The order also allows motorized boating and golf, but not golf carts.

It will also allow residents to travel between their residences, but it is strongly discouraged.

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