Gov. Whitmer speaks at 2020 Democratic National Convention

NOW: Gov. Whitmer speaks at 2020 Democratic National Convention


MICH.--- Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Monday night. Whitmer was one of several speakers who spoke on how they believe former Vice President Joe Biden would have a better response to the Coronavirus Pandemic if elected president. 

"Hello America, I’m Governor Gretchen Whitmer or as Donald Trump calls me, 'That woman from Michigan',” said Whitmer as she introduced herself on the national stage.

Whitmer joined the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as a convention speaker on Monday night.

The 48 year old Whitmer is seen by some as a rising star in the Democratic Party because of her response to the pandemic as the governor of a swing state.

"That’s story of this great nation," said Whitmer. "Action begets action, progress begets progress, and when we work together we can accomplish anything."

Whitmer opened her speech by praising former Vice President Biden on his response to the 2008 financial crisis and spoke on how she believes that experience makes him best equipped to handle the nation's response to Coronavirus.

"Just imagine if we had a national strategy, so that everyone who needs a test gets one for free so, everyone has access to a safe vaccine, so our kids and educators have the resources they need to safely get back to school," said Whitmer. 

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